Trolljo #1 eGrim 50pts

So occasionally I, like most people in the hobby I think, look at a Warcaster/Warlock and just try to throw a list together for them.  Hunters Grim (eGrim/Grim2) is, in my opinion one of the best looking models in the game, and certainly in the faction as far as I am concerned.  The problem that I often equate with the Hunters Grim is that they bring Ranged Support to a faction where our Melee options vastly outweigh (and outnumber) our Ranged options.

So what do the Hunters Grim do well?  In my opinion they extend threat range, particularly for Ranged units.  This is primarily accomplished through Mirage, Reform (allowing them to play farther forward than they might normally), and their Feat.  In addition to this they also bring Trolls their only anti-Tough tech in faction, and through the same vessel (Mortality) can fix some matchups against mid-high Defense and Armor.  Now, to be fair, pGrissel brings similar fixing via Calamity, pGrim is better at countering Defense skews, and eMadrak handles high armor better.  That said, pGrim has to rely on other other pieces for Armor breaking (which, let’s be honest, in Trolls is not that hard to find), eMadrak needs help against high Defense, and pGrissel has a harder time sticking Calamity than eGrim does with Mortality and Calamity of course doesn’t carry the “no healing” clause.

So how do we make best use of eGrim?  I decided to follow two basic ideas:

1) His feat is a trap to be wary of.  While it seems great to hand out a bunch of Snipe and Mark Target, if you skew too heavily into Ranged options you will likely see issues on non-feat turns.

2) Because there are better lists to counter armor or defense, skewing one way is an effort in futility.  Simply put, I felt eGrim could work well as a general list, bringing a bit of anti-Defense and anti-Armor  while having a good game against medium+ Troop swarm.  I feel like these are the most common non-one trick pony (Butcher3 bullet, etc.) armies you will see.

So without further ado, the list:

Hunters Grim
* Pyre Troll
* Storm Troll
* Troll Impaler
Krielstone Bearer and 3 Stone Scribes
* Krielstone Stone Scribe Elder
Trollkin Fennblades (Leader and 9 Grunts)
* Trollkin Fennblade Officer & Drummer
Trollkin Scattergunners (Leader and 5 Grunts)
* Trollkin Scattergunner Officer & Drummer
Trollkin Warders (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Fell Caller Hero
Fennblade Kithkar
Janissa Stonetide
Stone Scribe Chronicler


Battlegroup – Now to the uninitiated it may look like we are lacking in punch here due to no Heavy Warbeasts.  I don’t feel that to be the case (and it has not been so in my test games).  Storm Troll helps with Infantry clearing and situational brilliance against Circle/Cygnar.  Pyre Troll is our first damage buff in the list, brings an AoE with auto-fire and of course helps in some matchups like Legion/Menoth.  Impaler may seem like an odd inclusion here given eGrim’s feat,  but having Far Strike every turn for eGrim’s unit and the Battlegroup is important enough to warrant its inclusion, it also becomes very handy as explained later.

Units – Min Stone + UA, no crazy tech here, mostly for the +1 Str / No Continuous Effects, but No Stealth/Incorporeal comes in handy.  +2 Armor is of course never bad either.  Fennblades not only act as our tarpit, but with the UA and the Kithkar they make exceptional Mark Target models on the Feat turn, they are of course no slouch in the combat department either, though they are nothing special.

The minimum Scattergunners are there to abuse the feat.  Because their sprays ignore the target in Melee penalty, with Mirage they can start off their turn, place with 2″, sacrifice movement to Aim and become potential Rat 11 Pow 14 sprays using the Fennblades not only for Mark Target, but to line up their sprays however they want.

Warders hang by the stone to get the benefit there, Armor 21 is great of course.  They are the heavy damage of the list though, and that is their true purpose here.  Assuming best scenario:
Pow 10 + 2 (Battle Driven) + 2 (Flaming Fists) + 2 (Charge of the Trolls) + 2 (Mortality) + 1 ( Stone Strength) = Potential 5 Pow 19 Charging Weaponmasters, averaging 33 damage per model, oh and they have Critical Fire on their weapon; seems okay!

Solos – Janissa is Janissa!  Fun fact, it is not out of the question to have Grim Angus himself at Defense 24 versus Ranged/Magic (Tale of Mists + Rock Wall + Elevation).  The Chronicler brings Tale of Mists which is great in general, Charge of the Trolls which is part of our Defense/Armor fixes, and Hero’s Tragedy which makes Mortality that much easier to land.  This is where that Impaler becomes even more useful as Reach greatly helps with Charge of the Trolls.  Finally the Fell Caller brings two Weapon Master attacks (possibly at Pow 15), another 8″ Spray (this one going to Rat 12/Pow  14) and all the Fell Calling goodness to get people up and moving, overcoming Defense, or aiding those poor Warders if my opponent neglects to hurt them and they need to get through Rough Terrain.

One trick I am looking to use to some effect (hopefully) is having Muggs aim and shoot Grim himself with the Snare Gun to knock him down and then using Tale of Mists to give Grim essentially super stealth.  I think on the right turns versus casters like eVayl and Ravyn there could be some use there.


Anyhow, currently the list sits undefeated, and I intend to get some more practice with it.  Look forward to updates!